Whew, almost a job

So I have been writing articles for Techrepublic for the past week and my brain feels drained. Hey it pays some bills, but not till the end of September tho :(

I also got my security clearence from Microsoft to download the new .NET server, it has a 360 day trial on it so I should get around to evaluating it here soon. I did successfully make an NT domain with my linux box running SAMBA, it is a wonderful thing. However Kim''s printer is still showing an access denied message, but I can print to it. I hate redmond.

Also found a cool math numbers site but it is currently slammed as they only get so many hits allowed per day - I might try to mirror it tomorrow.

I am also running the Mandrake 9 beta 2 on one of my demo boxen, very hip. It even includes Cyrus SASL, but not the IMAP server, bastards. Yeah, I know Kim and I don''t really need a databased, LDAP connected email server system that can do 100 transactions a seconds, but I can if I want too :)

I also found a cool site on web log skins I think that I will change my site to one of them.


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