eBay sucking my will to live

Well, it’s that time again. eBay time. Kim and I have decided to purchase a Macintosh laptop. Now that may seem easy, but you have so much to choose from (ibook/Colors, ibook/Snow) 12.1 inch screens) to ibook/snow/14.1. Then I go in the bad habit of looking at the PowerBooks, and then the fun began. So I recommend to everyone is to go to the vendor site and check the retail price prior to checking the eBay one. The iBooks are cute, the old ones are 333-400Mhz the new ones are 500-700Mhz. 500 seems like a good point so it doesn''t get too old too fast, but they are selling buy it now for $1300, a NEW one retail goes for $1100 and it is 600Mhz. Bastards. So then come the PowerBooks, 15.2 screens, titanium retail $2400, eBay $1000? What the hell is this?

But after some closer looking the ibook snow 500 12.1 are going for <$900. so that isn''t too bad, but I am still looking for that $1000 powerbook.

On a different note, once we get that bad boy, I will be putting wireless in the homestead, or maybe even in our vehicles.


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