First Saturday

Well, today I worked my first Saturday second shift. Kim and I got up at crack of dawn, around 9:30am and went to breakfast. I was really tired from working the night before, but I really miss being with her in the evenings. It was good to have at least half a normal Saturday. Well at least tomorrow is Sunday and we can spend all day together. Yea!

As for work, it was really slow, I mean like two of the four of us could be there and handle anything that happened, but I guess having us all there allowed us to wander around the building and one of us to go get lunch/dinner. Ray went to Rally''s and got our food, but upon returning we found that every order was screwed up. So he returned to find a line of about 6 people with their orders messed up. So when it came his turn, they just gave hime all his money back plus a dollar and explained that they were having problems and could not make the food, so he went to McDonalds. Kinda weird.

Note from the night: If you are searching for lost files that are sucking your disk space away check out DiskData I use it all the time, and it came in handy tonite, since there are no tools that we get other than the drive is full.

I also got my VPN connection setup, but Lotus Notes is the most life sucking program on the planet :(


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