iBook - yeah! Segway - No.

Well, I got the iBook, kinda. The guy I got one from on eBay sent my check back and said that his iBook was not functioning, and he would feel bad sending it to me. Who knows the real story, but needless to say the eBay route did not work.

So I said screw it, paid full retail at CompUSA and got a 700Mhz iBook with 384MB ram and combo CDR-DVD drive. It rocks. I also got the wireless network working. I went and picked up the Dlink DI-614+ wireless gateway. I had to get a open box since all the Best buys here in town were sold out except for the open box one. THe best part is that I got $10 off that, and it came with a $20 rebate, which means that I got the whole thing for $100 :)

Note to self, the password hash scheme for 802.11b WEP 128bit for the mac is not the same for all of the other wireless gateways made for the PC, the best thing is to pick up the WEP encoder widget (freeware) and copy the code on the gateway then on the mac. Works perfect.

Encrypted 128bit wireless. Now not only can I surf in my underweark, I can run around the house and stay connected.

I will be giving updates on my happiness with OS X (Jaga - wa) in the coming days, but currently I love it, makes me want to ditch w2k :)

On a side note. If you ordered your Segway from Amazon, you should have got the email from them stating that the item is no longer available, and you should look for a used on on their marketpalce shops, or at least that''s what fuckedcompany says...


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