James Bond grows up?

OK, here is the latest. MGM is dropping Smirnoff as the James Bond vodka for Finlandia. The reason? Well Finlandia is for a more sophisticated adult taste, and Smirnoff is a cheap drunk for college kids? O, and Finlandia gave MGM a 7 figure kickback to get their vodka displayed. I wonder which is the real reason?

So on the job front, so far so good. Everyone that I work with are really cool and have welcomed me warmly. Having to work on Novell, and NT is kinda a pain but neither is a good solution for multiple purposes. I guess.

At the corporate giant that I am at, everything seems to be on a common focus which is a good thought. Without purpose it is kind of pointless. Unnlike Enron which you can bid on the 5 ft tall stainless steel E that was outside of the corp office check out more on dovebid.comHappy b-day :)


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