Good Spam?

So many years ago I worked with a company called Netscape. Small company based in San Jose, some people might have heard of them. Well I was getting less than satisfactory answers for a product that they had sold us and it was full of software errors, also know as bugs. Well I could not get them, or at least our account manager, who changed every 2 weeks, to fix them.

SO, I started an email campaign from a cool website page that they had removed from their links, but I still had it book marked. Copied the 1500 email address''s including the CTO Mark Andreesen and CEO Jim Barksdale. After about an hour I had people calling and apologizing for the bad service I had recieved, they could not help me, but felt my pain.

But then I did get a call from the development team, they worked with me, very happy they were, and resolved the java errors that I had found so that the dialup kit that my ISP and BellSouth, Eathlink and others still use today.

I got a t-shirt :) Here is a simular story, but involves crack dealers and hookers.,0,2057858.story?coll=dp-news-local-final


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