AceHTML Freeware

AceHTML Freeware is a powerful HTML editor that comes with all the standard HTML editing features and also offers an extensive array of additional features, including an HTML syntax checker, a code explorer for source code navigation, and over 175 built-in DHTML and JavaScript samples. AceHTML Freeware also comes with a built-in style sheet editor for adding CSS2 styles to your Web site. The editor interface supports syntax coloring for XML, Perl, ASP, and other languages, and comes with a built-in browser preview that allows you to switch between the code and the browser view. Additional features include a file manager, spell checking, syntax validation, custom tags, auto-correct, multi-document interface, table wizard, and much more. AceHTML 5 Freeware is a very full-featured HTML editor with enough flexibility to suit advanced Web masters and newbies alike.


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