So, yesterday (Sunday) sucked. At about noon Kim and I had just finished breakfast, and were getting ready to head over and check out the new Xmen 2 movie. Then I started to feel a little unstable, thinking that I was having a low blood sugar I went upstairs to run a blood test. Everything was fine.

As I started downstairs the whole world started spinning and it would not stop. I scooted down the stairs, almost falling, and laid on the couch. Having been to the Dr about two weeks ago, I thought that my equilibrium might be goofed and put in some ear drops to see if that would stop the dizziness. nope.

So after Kim struggled to put socks and shoes on me we headed to the ER room at Baptist East. At this point I was very nauseas and was ready to pass out. We got to the ER and it was packed, I mean like the black plague/SARS had attacked St Matthews. Kim sat me in the back of the room, almost comatose while she parked the car, she checked me in and what seemed like hours I asked her to tell the nurse that I was going to pass out and there was something very wrong, plus they would not want to clean up vomit from in the reception area. So they got a wheelchair and wheeled me into the layer one area, asking me if my blood sugar was ok, I told them I had just checked it and low/high blood sugars did not make me feel the way that I was feeling. So they stuck me and checked it again, verifying that it indeed was ok. At which point the nurse said, hmm there must be something else wrong, we will get him back a soon as possible. Note to self: I was pretty out of it at this point, I had to close my eyes because the spinning room was making me very sick, and I was drifting in and out of my awake state. It sucked. I then kinda woke back up when then stated to push me into level two of waiting.

At level two, I got heart monitors, blood pressure monitors and the most uncomfortable bed even. At this point I saw myself at the near death state, and maybe not that day, but sometime in the distant future, looking at the same ceiling and not seeing the next day. Hopefully that would not be that future, as the Dr came in and talked with me a bit and said that I had either just suffered a stroke, or that my ear infection that I had previously had screwed up my cochlea and my balance was extremely off causing the effects that I now felt. Not have an ear infection, and not in the ear that he said was infected, I had issues with my left ear a couple of weeks ago, he said it was my right.

So then the nurse comes to take 7 vials – the nurse called it there rainbow because the bottle tops were all different colors – or blood. She stated to poke me in my right arm, but I told her the veins in that are difficult to get to, not believing me she poked away. Nothing, told you so. Now with pain in my right arm, the phrase “Listen to the patient, that’s what they told us in medical school.” comes from the vampire nurse. Then she preps my left arm, and believe me in my left arm, failure is not an option, I could possibly be a dummy at the nurses school, as easy as it is for me to give blood from my left arm. After feeling for veins, in my forearm, she then starts feeling the back of my hand, what the hell was this nurse doing, must be one of those out of work accounts who went to medical school to make more money. Finally she finds my vein in my forearm, drills in, nothing, doesn’t hit. She then proceeds to do a good stabbing motion and hits the vein. Extraction of the 7 vials went quickly, just now I have a big bruise on my arm. Ouch.

I became somewhat frightened at they whisked me off to the CAT scan room to be put in a big donut and they sent xrays thru my head to look for the signs of a stroke. Big machinery spinning VERY fast around my head. Hmm, guess that was fun, got wheeled back to my room where I went to sleep for the next couple of hours waiting for the results. They said it would be about 45 minutes, 2 hours later the Dr comes back in and says the CAT scan showed negative results for a stroke, whew that was close. BUT, the scan did show a buildup of a calcium nodule on the inner lining of my brain. Not that all brain tumors as cancerous, nor dangerous, this type might be there 5 maybe 10 years before it might require surgery. Surgery? like what, well they drill a whole in your skull, cut the lining and snip the calcium out. Ah, it is a simple thing, that is what I have always head of brain surgery. Simple. Fun.

But not to go off start worrying just, yet, the Dr explained that the site is very small and the xray tech has to point out such things. They could be wrong, 99.5% wrong, he said. So this week I get to and get a MRI to evaluate what the area is and what condition is it in. Great, this is much better than watching the xmen movie.

So I got my heart monitors, and chest hair ripped off got some dizziness medicine and antibiotics for the unknown infection, and sent home.

Today I am still dizzy, and I go to see my diabetes Dr tomorrow, I have to get him to schedule me for the MRI, and get a family Dr for the insurance. suck suck and suck.


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