Almost there Day 2

The plane is a 767-400, big azz plane. We left Newark at 8:03 pm. They passed out newspapaers from the US and the UK, for free, weird. There is a video monitor in the back of each headrest, and you can pick the movie that you want to watch. They also give you a free set of headphones. I saw "Chicago" it was ok, kinda mixed a musical with a movie. It also had video games, but I did not play any cause they looked pretty bad, plus I had my gameboy and played Mario quite a bit. The seat was not the most comfortable in the world, but it was better than the first plane I took seats. They were leather and these were cloth, less butt moisture I guess. The food was broiled chicken strips and veggies in a mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes. Yum. I also took two Benedril and passed out with the provided blindfold and ear plugs, awaken 2 hours later by the breakfast cart, which served hot cresents and jam, plus a side of pineapple. I then watched CSI:Miami on the seat TV gadget, pretty cool, and free. I arrived in Manchester at 8:00 am, almost on the dot in fact, and rather harshly abrupt landing.

After arriving I exchanged some dollars for pounds and looked for the taxi, found him. John the driver was holding the Mercer sign, but Kurt was not arriving for another 30 minutes, John looked quite perplexed and thought that we were on the same flight. After a short call to his office, Kurt''s plane landed 25 minutes early. Cool. Now were were speeding down the G4, I think that was the name it was afterall 3 am home time. It is the road that they show on the show most dangerous accidents on Fox. With these tiny cars I can see why. I took a picture of a smartcar, I think a motorcycle is larger.

We arrived at the Royal Crowne Plaza hotel in Liverpool at about 11 am, but checkout is not till 2 pm. So they had no rooms to give us. Kind of stunned by the trip we decided to go looking for treasure. Didn''t really find any, but saw some cool boats and such. I also saw a life size model of the yellow submarine from the Beatles movie. There is also a Beatles museum here, will need to visit that as well. We got back to the hotel at noon, still no rooms. At that point a horde of braless, unshaven 20 year old chicks (~60) come to the lobby to checkout. From the looks most paid in cash. Hooker convention? Dunno. Actually I have noticed a lack of bra wearing in general here, and if they are it is not a underwire support model, just some strapping and rigging for the breasts made out of fabric. Digression. So we get our rooms, I pass out asleep for a few hours, take a shower. Hunger, my stomach is growling somehting fearce, so we go next door and get some fish and chips. The fish at Irish Rover back home kicks this craps ass. Now with stomach full I need to try to figure out how call Kim. If you dial direct there is a $10 connection fee, a $29 per 10 minutes fee, a $.50 per minute charge. So I then try to use my dial in account so I can just email, no good. I left my password on the email server at work. This hotel does not have high speed access, so I then resort to the calling card. Dunno how much it costs but I had to call her and let her know everything is fine, as well I had been worrying about her since I left Lousiville. So I called and everything is fine on both ends. I am now going to play some more video games and watch some TV, Alan from out UK office is coming by at 7 pm to get us some food and drink.


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