Day Four

Much more laid back day. This would be my last full day in Liverpool. I had a couple of meetings, and things all went well. The local admin asst took us to some Beatles shops, just outside of the bars that they had started in. I got some magnets, and clay pins. I am looking to convert the pins to magnets, as I think they would be better that was, almost $30 US for the lot, but the cashier threw in a extra set just cause the owner was ignoring us and raised the price because we were American. We had lunch at this great little Italian restaurant near there. I had a calzone (which I found out is pronounced kal-zone-eh) I found this out when I said kal-zone and the waiter starred at me like I was a foreigner or something (o wait I am). For the evening trip out, we had not made any real plans, except I was on a mission to get weird candy and Mars bars. Andy volunteered to take us sightseeing, and we went on a whirlwind tour of the town. If you see the pics you will notice most of them were from inside the car at high speed. On the way back we stopped to see the Eleanor Rigby statue, Andy told us that there was a great Italian restaurant nearby and we could go there and eat. So we went to the statue, and took some pics, we then went across the street to the Italian restaurant, the same one that we had lunch at. No big deal, I ordered something else, a tortellini with chicken and a cream and mozzarella sauce. Mmmm good. We didn’t have time to get the Mars bars because I had a conf call at 10pm. SO Andy was nice enough to get them for me and drop them off. Thanks Andy. Went back and had my call and went to bed.


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