Day Three

Mega meeting day. We had IBM, EMC, Microsoft in house. For the ongoing discussions. It ran from early in the morning to about 2:30pm. Long day, Had lunch brought in. I have noticed that they have some very weird sandwiches here. I had a cranberry and turkey with onion and lettuce, as well as a bacon, egg, manionaise wrap. The turkey cranberry was really good, the wrap felt like it need to be heated up, not used to bacon egg salad. This night Simpo was taking us out, warnings from the other employees promised lap dances and stopping at several pubs for a good washing with beer. Not the case however. We stopped by his office, and I broke down and got a half pint of beer, don’t remember the name but it was a very “light tasting” beer with about 8% alcohol. We then caught a cab and went across town to a restaurant called 60. Very sheik and nice. I had jumbo sautéed prawns and Simpo and I shared the chatobriand (sp?) Very good potatoes and steak. We had a waitor that probally weighed 10 lbs if all of his clothes were wet, but spoke adequate English English, we also had a Swedish waitress who would bring us bread and drinks, and only spoke the word “OK”. After such a large meal what is the most adequate this to do? A large dessert of course. I decided on the deep fried jam sandwich. Yummy good. It is a whole strawberry jam sandwich, battered in egg batter and then fried. Warms the tummy, after that we retired to the bar in the hotel and had some coffee, this was some strong coffee, I got just plain old coffee, you could have peeled paint with it. I could not find any artificial sweetener, and the waitress seemed puzzled by me asking for it, she just brought me more sugar. I was wired for the next 12 hours on this liquid jolt of caffeine. We then went to bed, trying to avoid the national police convention that was going on in the hotel.


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