Off to Liverpool, UK

Well I left today, June 7th 2003. Gone for a whole week without Kim, I miss her already. After getting my bags scanned, and having the normal patdown I did not get too harrassed about my insulin componets, I guess having it attached now makes it seem more critical than just me taking shots. Funny. The security is still really tight, and I commend the security people for making the process so efficient. It is no like the governemnt to be so quick and through. That is why I still doubt aliens from outer space, there is no way the gubment could hide such a thing. Anyway,

In the Louisville terminal I met a guy named Bill, actually he met me. I guess he was kind of nervous about flying to a foriegn country. He chatted with me about how it has been his lifelong goal to goto France. Bill is about 6'' 9" and kinda chubby, not the kind of French liking person you would think. When I asked if he knew french, and wow, he has a masters degree in the languange and went to a speciality school for 3 more to get I guess what you call a PHD in the language. He wasn''t too good with english, I hope his french is better. Good luck Bill.

On the plane, one of those skinny jets with one seat on on side, and two on the other and they weighed the luggage and people to balance the thing out kinda jobs. I sat next to a guy named Andy, Andy is from Manchester. That is where I am going. Andy had just spent a month here in the states, in Louisville, training for a particular type of CNC milling machine. Alsmost the same machine that I had trained on in high school but I abandodned the whole machining career after taking a few field trips in school, I was offered a job but turned it down to go to UofL. Anyway the 3 hour flight, was 4.5 as we approached the Newark Airport the captain said on the speaker. We are in a holding pattern for the next bit, if it is more than 20 minutes, we will reroute to Allentown and land, refuel, and come back to Newark, if less than 10 we will be landing. Well at the 25 minute mark, the capatin announces that we are landing in Newark, we will arrive at 5:05. I am kinda worried about the whole landing for gas thing, especially since we are now at 30 mintes over in this small jet. Well At 5:10 we start to ascend, yep go up. WTF. Long story short we landed at 5:45 and I am now sitting here in the very nice Newark Airport.

I am in this really nice commfy leather couch/chair thing. THey have a lot of them. I am going to wander over to A&W of this taco place to get a small bite of food.

Side note of suckage: In the "old" days of continental, slash pre911, you could upgrade to first calss for $50. Way the hell worth it. Well now you can only upgrade with their miles program, and on internaltion flights you must do it 3 days prior to day of travel. That sucks. Having flown for 4.5 hours the 8 hours to Manchester are not looking too good. Suck.


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