Kewl FTP Client


OK, so today I downloaded LeechFTP to download a lot of files (+24,000) over 7GB of data, that is when I found out the Leech does not work on WinXP. Not to mention that the author no longer supports it since he went on to a bigger project of file system management program that never got developed. Well here it is 9 hours later, and looking for all kinds of stuff from commercial demos, to freeware scripts. I could not find anything that would do multi-threaded direcotry sync.

And for some dumb reason I went to sourceforge to see what was new and right before my eyes was this beauty. It is multi-threaded, and learns how many to spawn based on bandwidth and it the server is giving rejects. Pretty smart.

I highly recommend using this is you are today using LeechFTP and are moving to WindowsXP...


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