This is the complaint that I filed with the Las Vegas Better Biz Bureau:

I use the expedia site quite a bit to order plane fare for my business. When my wife and I decided to go to Disneyworld for our vacation this year I had my wife create an account and get us a hotel in Orlando as we were going to drive down.

When she was checking out, it asked if she wanted to add Disney tickets. They were about 10% cheaper than she could find elsewhere so she said yes. There were no terms, just do you want to add. (there are terms but they are buried within the main t&a) The trip was scheduled for May 21st.

My wife became unexpectedly pregnant, it was also discovered during this time that she has an incompetent cervix and has had to have surgery and is on bed rest. So going to Florida is out of the question. We call and try to cancel the trip which they canceled the hotel reservations, but not the $548 for the Disney tickets. They explained that we would still have to get the tickets, as they had already paid Disney and there was no refund.

So we called Disney, they explained that Expedia is notorious for not refunding for any tickets on their site, and they get a lot of complaints from their customers. We spoke to Earl, the supervisor at Disney and he said he would watch for our order to go thru on May 19th, as Expedia doesn''t actually buy the tickets until 3 days prior to the event, and mail us our tickets. This is still upsetting, but at least we would have tickets.

Part 2: May 19th comes and goes, and today I call Disney, and they still have not got any money from Expedia. I call Expedia and talk to Jamie, then Eric the supervisor, who now explains that they get to keep my $548 and the ticket vouchers are null and void. I explain that my wife was unable to make the trip and they are being quite unfair on this issue, and he stated that if I had stated this during the call in April they could help. However now they cannot. Expedia has now stolen $548 of my money, no tickets, no trip.


  1. I had a really bad experience using EXPEDIA.COM that I decided to run a website ( o alert as many people as I can about how Expedia works to steal money from customers.

    Please read my case at:

    Sincerely yours


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