Wireless Woes and more

So today was a 50-50 day 50% cool and 50% suck of the ass. I have tallied these into two catagories:

Suck of the ass:
-Free Lunch at TGI Fridays
-The waitresses were not real waitresses and not very good at timing, we found out they were out of work computer nerds (not geeks but real don''t want to hang around them nerds)
-Long time Friend/Co-worker get let go from work while we all are at lunch
-Kim has pains in abdomen and we get terrified of what would happen.
-Stupid drivers are out at 3pm, and nearly kill us onthe way to the doc office

-Free Lunch
-12 people in the Lunch party we had appetizers and food, lots of refills in under 45 minutes.
- Kim''s abdomen pains are where the cerclage is causein pressure, and all checked out well.
- Buy new wireless router because the old one is about as powerfull as my big toe at providing radio signals.
- Saw the new Harry Potter flick, awesome.
- Had chocloate candy kisses after movie

Now for my wireless bitching. Apparently, and some people know this. Wireless networking does not work. You just can''t buy a wireless router and have coverage in your house. NO. you need cables, boosters, antennae that are ass rape expensive. They some prayers to the networking gods, a 2.4Ghz phone that won''t interrupt with transmissions, a microwave that is not nearby,. This sucks. So I got a Netgear 624 as is has "massive" range as it said on one website, and "long distance" as quoted on the box. I am hooking it up tomorrow to see if they are lying or not. BUt then I come across a list of what massive is: 250 feet outdoors, and 100 feet indoors. If you o not realize this, that is almost NO distance after you account for 50% loss due to HVAC venting, microwaves, phones, monkey powered hamsters and the like. That is like 10 feet, you might as well plug in the f*cking ethernet cord. and have them laying all over the house. Wireless is a rip unless you live in a one room studio apartment and dont own a phone or microwave.


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