Long Time Gone

So, Kim commented that I have''nt posted in a while. Well, here is the short rundown of the missing Dave.

- Normal Life a.k.a full time job that keeps me plenty busy for 8 hours a day

- Full time electrician job. As most of you know I am in the midst of re-wiring our new house (circa 1958) with new electrical, that has an earth ground, and in most places no longer uses speaker cable (22 guage lamp cord) for most of the lighting that was installed by the dumb ass that lived here before. Current priority is garage plugs, and starting on the baby room.

- Part time plumber. I have''nt actually done any plumbing in the past few months, mostly as I swore to never do any again. But I still have 2 faucets and a water filter system to install.

- Alarm system installer - okay some dumb ass mutherfucker son of hoar bitch cocksuckers broke into our house while Kim was in the hospital. This increased the need for me to get our alarm system functioning. Yea, we now have a fully operational and remotely monitored system. Right after the install phase the police showed up one day when because I had the wireless keys programmed for "panic mode" instead of "off", that is still on my todo list. ticket still open.

- Mason - I just finished (well at the end of today) a wall of glass block to replace a windows in the garage, and will do the next one next weekend, maybe. I also have some concrete block to install in the holes in the utility room and to seal the ventilation into the garage and utiltity room. It isn''t that bad. At least compared to ceremic tile, which I will never do again. I hope.

- Maid - I make some pretty big messes, and now that Kim is in the bed only mode I am assisting her to. She isn''t any trouble, just that there is a lot to do. Laundry, dishes, dusting, normal crap like that. Luckly her siste is comming over in the daytime to get her lunch and stuff, and dinner and snacks are upto me.

- Mover - While Kim was in the hospital, I moved our living room suite, and buch of my compter crap from storage, into our basement, 3 day project.

- Landscaping - Well the MF''ers stole my weed eater, leaf blower, and various tools so I have a lawnmower and some roundup. Yard looks like shit, but I don''t have time to take care of it right now. I call it the natural look.

-Chauffeur - YEA!! We are in the final weeks of having little Zack, but that means a truck load of doctor appts, almost 2 a week. Kim can''t drive, so her sister and I have been shuttling to and fro.

- Systems Administrator, yes I still take care of the webserver, email server, wireless network, telephones and patch management.

-Pet Care - Dog, average 1-85 lbs of crap disposal a day.

I need a long 2 week vacation.

Here is the list of stuff that got stolen from our house if you seen any bastards walking around Jeffersonvill with this stuff please let me know.

3 pair womens venizia stretch jeans
3M Full Face Respirator
3M Respirator Refill Pack
Bench Grinder
Change all locks
Craftsman Circular Saw
Craftsman Driverbit/Socket Set
Game - Maximo
Game - NBA 2004
Game - NBA Street 2
Game - NFL 2004
Game - Ratchet and Clank 2
Game - Simpsons Road Rage
Game - Spyhunter
Game - SSX 3
Gas Weed Eater Vacuum/Blower/Mulcher
Homelite 25cc Multifunction Trimmer
Husky 1750 PSI pressure washer
Maternity Clothing - 2 long sleeve tshirts
Maternity Clothing - 2 pr Coruroy Overalls
Maternity Clothing - Blue Jeans
Maternity Clothing - Kint sweater
Maternity Clothing - long sleeve cotton shirt
Maytag 10000BTU Casement A/C Unit
Shop Push Broom
Sony Playstation DSM3 modchip
Sony Playstation Green controller
Sony Playstation Logitech Wireless Controller
Sony Playstation-2 Controller-2memory cards
Womens leather sandals
Womens Satin black dress sandals
Womens Sketchers sandals
Womens slip on sneakers
Womens white leather Skechers Premium Energy Sneakers
Womens New Balance 475 sneakers
Mens Adidas Adilette Sandals
Mens Dockers leather Sandals
Womens baby blue leather Sandals

Bonus is that Kim is now out of the hospital, which means not running to the east end everyday. I didn''t mind staying there with her, just the long ass drive to the east end. That sucked.


Well my Gforce2 video card gave up the ghost the other day, I bought it for $450 about six years ago. I got a new ATI 9200 for $70 that is 10 times as fast and double the memory. I hate computers.


In the house now I have some light swithes working with lights in the basement, you do not know the enjoyment of turning a light on that you installed and pulled all the freaking wires to make it work.


I am going to implode our hottub in the basement. That will be a cool event. Not really, as I will be using a jackhammer and not explosives. :(


Well that is all for now. I have to fill out the damn insurance claim paperwork that is full of useful information.


  1. Dave, I send my condolences for your stolen items. What a terrible thing to happen especially with all that is going on in your life. Per our political conversations, I couldn’t resist responding to your top ten reasons Bush should be fired. However, I really appreciate and respect your point of view. Let’s take a look at the other. Unlike normal liberals, I, as a conservative, will not start out with John Kerry bashing..(noticing that a liberal cannot defend themselves without using Bush’s name. So here we go.


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