Top ten reasons G. W. Bush needs to be fired

Okay, I have had a few jobs in my life, and have only been fired once, by some money grubbing bastards. But I cannot make sense of why any individual on the street would re-hire Bush as our president. So I have compiled a list of the ten things to show why he not only doesn''t deserve the re-election, but should be impeached ASAP.

10. The Failed Promise to Leave No Child Behind
(Excerpt from HERE)
Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the administration is leaving millions of children behind with respect to education by failing to fully fund the programs he signed into law in the No Child Left Behind Act ("NCLBA"). The president''s budget contains $9.4 billion less than the levels authorized under NCLBA. The president also eliminates funding for 38 existing education programs and level funds critical programs such as those supporting after-school care and teacher quality initiatives. Despite the funding crisis in our public schools, the president has proposed diverting millions of dollars in federal resources to voucher proposals that exempt private schools receiving federal funds from the accountability in the No Child Left Behind Act.

9. Not supporting the automatic weapons ban.
The federal assault weapons ban expired Sept. 13, 2004.

In 2000, presidential candidate George W. Bush pledged to renew the ban. Before the expiration, however, he said he would do so only if the Republican-led Senate and House sent him the enabling legislation to prevent AK-47 and Uzi ownership from once again becoming legal.

Not coincidentally, I''m sure, the National Rifle Association had not made its expected announcement of support for President Bush as of Sept. 13.

8. Economy is sucking my life.
Fuck all the super rich. In the past 5 years my salary has increased 40%, however I have less in the bank than ever. Bush is not a Republican, for the people lower taxes, he is a rich fuck that is feeding off of the American people.

-Tax Cuts for everyone. Yeah, the fucking $600 I got back really cover the increase of $900 in property taxes, and a 10% increase in my federal taxes, Electric is more expensive, Gas is more expensive, food is more expensive. Inflation is out of control, and I will have to be a millionaire in a few years just to live the same life I had prior. The economy is not getting better. Name 5 people that you know who have landed a job the pays more, more benefits, and is something they like to do. NONE.

Thing cost more and people are making the same check out the chart

7. He is a tard.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5

6. AIDS - Pretend it doesn''t exist and it will go away

If you get AIDS you deserve to die. That is the distilled version of the Whitehouse''s policy on AIDS and sexually transmitted disease. George did say condom at least once tho.

5. Connections with the Bin Laden Family

Should he not be held at Guantanamo Bay and be beaten with a rubber hose each day. I guess his Dad must have gotten him a written excuse to skip gym. How can this be?

And why the hell have we not done a regime change in Saudia Arabia?

4. Non-existant Foriegn Policy

The rest of the planet likes the American people, when travelling to Europe, I ask and it seems that we are liked as a people as we have done some nice things in our past. However Bush is dispised, and is a blight on our record with the World. We have no policy for North Korea, Pakistan or Iran.

3. Terrorists? What Terrorists?
In this war on terror where are the terrorists? When the bombing in Spain occured, did we help? No. When Russia lost 3 planes due to terrorist bombing did we help? No. When North Korea started their nuclear weapons program what did we do? Nothing. When genocide was occuring in the Sudan what did we do? Nothing.

By Nothing, I mean we sent Colin Powell over, he evaluated and said "That sucks" and then would return home. What are we doing. We are in Iraq, where there were "ties" 5, 10 years ago where Saddam might have gotten a letter or phone call from Osama. But real shit is happening out there right now, and we are back to the pre-911 status quo of our own agenda. All or nothing people, get the hell out of Iraq and Israel, and let those bastards kill each other off. Protect our borders, deal with the nuclear programs in North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, India. Lets get hydrogen vehicles working and give the middle east a big fuck you.

You must realize that AK47s and explosives are not free, they do not grow out in the middle of the desert. They are attacking us with our (US, Europe, Japan, Free World) own money. You take the money away, all they have is sticks and rocks. It is just very sad that the goal has been forgotten, and we are no longer looking for those who killed so many and undermined the American spirit on September 11th.

2. No Job Accomplished
Touting the war is over, on Friday, May 2, 2003 George W. is in a flight suit, the first time since he skipped out while in the reserves, and states that we have won Iraq.

We are getting our asses kicked.

A visting vendor technician was here last week and her niece and nephew are currently deployed in IRAQ. They do not have food, they eat chicken for almost every meal, which are slim as the supplies are delayed because of shootings and bombings. They have not ammo, due to the lack of supplies and cost savings, the amount of ammunition necessary for day to day fighting is in short supply and the outlook is not good.

We have left cities is ruin, and retreated troops, and returned from bombing from airplane as the streets are not even safe to walk on. We are hated by 25% of the Iraqie people and the others are running for cover. The Iraq war is a failure, and the administrations is hiding this "vietnam" until after the election.

They need more money, which they won''t ask for until after the election, they need more troops ,which they won''t ask for until after the election. As Commander and chief, he has not visited the cities of Iraq for a celebration homecomming, why? Because it is not safe, a year and a half later and we are losing.

1. Lying Bastard
Okay, so Clinton was not the greatest President. He lied, for getting a blowjob from a intern. He was impeached. Bush and Company designed an entire "play" for the American people detailing Weapons of mass destruction, crimes against the people of his country, o and he tried to kill his Dad. So we have spent the lives of Americans on a piss ass war, billions of dollars, and for nothing.


  1. ok i agree that he is a tard and should be voted off the country.if not father away.


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