Linux - verdict is still out

So I haven't posted to my blog in a while. Reason? Linux. I started using Linux as my desktop, and have been looking for various plugins, and etc for use. It seems that the underdog unix os is still lagging behind.

My biggest complaint right now is that Adobe has not released Flash 8 for Linux, better yet, they are not going to release it as they are now working on Flash 9 and will have a beta out this Fall. So if you run linux you are stuck with version 7. That sucks, Adobe sucks. It is like they have been sucking at the Mac and Windows tit for so long they have forgotten they are there for the users and not their competition agreements with the big guys.

Not to mention there is not a version of Photoshop for Linux, not that the Mac OSX verison would not take a month or so to convert. Bastards.


  1. crossover office or wine-X. They let you run the plugins as windows native. It's not the perfect solution but it lets you look at web pages you otherwise couldn't.

    I'm setting up a Linux box for the missus to work on and it runs Linux, Firefox, WoW, iTunes, an ssh client, and Microsoft Office. I can't imagine that a computer would need anything else. Ever.


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