So the weirdest this has happened to me. I used to be part owner an ISP here in town, and at one point employed about 75 people. During the 5 year run, I would say that a good 150 to 200 people actually were employed there at some time.

It was a shithole, the wannabe corporate types made us wear shirt and tie, even to work under the floor tiles and running cables. Long hours and crappy pay. However it had some sort of "Vietnam" effect on all that passed thru the doors. To this day I still have people walk up to me, ask me if my name is Dave, and tell me of the wonderful times, and that it was the greatest place to work. However it sucked.

I made a lot of friends, and because of this current stupidity that we all had to endure together, I am still friends with a lot of them. They are now everywhere in the IT lands of Louisville, and most of them are doing well.

All that I ask is that if you walk up to me with great memories of a place long gone, offer me a position with the company that you are currently with, and pay me a very large salary for what it is worth.

That is all that I ask of the world, a little kind retribution.


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