Rebuilding Year

That is the phrase that some coaches use when their team is in the shitter, and now they are attempting to not become the worst team in the league. Well, that is the slogan that I am running with this year. Kim and I have been through a lot of crap in the past couple of years, and I feel this is our " rebuilding year". We lost our first pregnancy, we bought a shitty house, my job started sucking, and it seemed that everyone that I was around was having issues.

However this is the year, the year for a turn around. I feel that there has been some great progress in my life this year. The kids are finally out of baby stage, and are getting bigger. The house is almost done, or at least to the point we can start projects other than heating, water, flooring. Kim and I are on a good wave length and I feel that our trust of each other has tripled. My work was headed in a bad position, but now it is turning around. I went camping last weekend, and it was a nice relaxing fun filled time, with memories of college days.

Remarkably, and to my amazement, I have lost 45 pounds, and not finished yet. I have had to buy new clothes as the others were falling off of me. I feel accomplishment.

I love all my friends and hope the same is felt. In the past few years it seems that Kim and I both have neglected them as all the junk we had going on. We are having good parties again, and enjoying everyones company, as well as meeting some new and interesting people that are cool to hang out or go out.

It seems as some of the people that I am around are getting older, I feel like I am getting younger. This is good.

So if this is our rebuilding year, I expect next year to kick some serious ass...


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