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Thrift Store Deals

Well today we made the thrift store rounds and came up with a 15" pac bell monitor for only $10. This will go on the p2 300mhz system that we are giving to the nephew''s for games and such. Not a bad deal.

Watched the The Royal Tenenbaums. Very funny, I laughed, I cried, we bought the movie.

We also got Le Fabuleux destin d''Amélie Poulain on dvd, if you haven''t seen this yet you need to. Very humurous also. Well now off to get some sleep...

Hey Bill whatcha up to?

Have you ever wished you had the spare time to spy on Micro$oft? Well, now you don''t have to do it you can use to find out ALL and I mean ALL the dirt.

Have fun.

As for me I am going to go throw some pre-cut chicken nugget stix in the microwave and have a little lunch, yum...

Email to go

OK, this is cool. An email client that will fit on a keychain and you can take it with you. All your email in one place. If you are going from computer to computer and don''t want to leave your email on that system. Try it, it is cool...

Job Hunt Day 17

Well, it looks like all federal jobs are out. Would have to move to a danger area like DC, that would suck.

As for the home front, it looks like I might be making progress through a local tech agency for some contract work. It beats getting unemployment.


Well got the thing installed and working, so off we go...