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Yes sir, may I have another?

17" happyfun

ummm, I want one, except they are $3300. gigE, bluetooth, 400/800 firewire, wireless, 1Ghz G4

yeah it is worth it...


Google Catalog Search

OK, Google now has print material on their site, I spent an hour going thru the biz-biz/ catalog, it is an industrial erector set, pretty cool...

Warning Will Robinson


download page at myWebAttack

SlimBrowser is a tabbed, IE-based browser that allows you to surf multiple sites at once. It also adds several additional tools, including easy access to Internet track cleaning, URL aliases, pop-up blocking, etc. Also included are a form filler to automatically fill personal information into form fields, site filtering and hidden sites, a customizable Web search, and more. Many of the advanced settings are maintained in text-style configurations, making it easy to customize for advanced users. SlimBrowser also allows you to group several of your favorite Web pages so that they can be opened at once with a single click.

::more blog::


:: w.bloggar ::

cool brazillian blog software.

databases are cool

Hmm, NULL<>"" yeah that is right.

Frodo has failed


Updated my schedule

Ok my schedule has been updated for the new year, it is located under the HELP menu.

grrr. cisco

bastards. from the manual. Note that these little mf''ers aren''t labeled in anyway on the exterior about these "possibilities" and that they changed in the middle of a production run.


The government sux, if you think that your ISP, or CLEC is in problems now, just wait... | Business | FCC may ease rules giving rivals access to Bells'' local networks

Federal regulators are preparing to stop making Atlanta-based BellSouth Corp. and other local phone companies rent their networks to their main competitors at cheap rates, a move that could reverse the increasing competition for customers that had begun to push prices down, Monday''s Wall Street Journal reported....