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Using Windows 2012 NFS with VMware ESX

So I used Windows 2008R2 with UNIX services to provide my ISO share to my testlab ESXi server. I upgraded to Windows 2012 doing an in-place upgrade. This broke the configuration and I have been spinning in a circle with no luck, have read blogs, tech articles, and today I finally fixed it. It is good to make a little accomplishment once in a while.

On the command line I was getting the following error on the ESXi server when trying to mount the drive:

Sysinfo error on operation returned status : The NFS server denied the mount request. Please see the VMkernel log for detailed error information

So here it is, this VMware KB article was mostly no help ( as it referenced using 2008R2, which I have working with no issue, it was 2012 when the wheels fell off.

Then I found this nugget in another KB article, "Ensure the NFS server supports NFSv3 over TCP. ESX/ESXi does not use UDP for NFS. "  ( ) Which lead me to thin…