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grep is my friend, a quick check on the configs, found that the plugins dir was goofed, and now I have perlscript again :) Now for the plumber :( O the new server is a AMD 2200 dual proc w 2GB ram running six User-mode Linux Kernels :)


OK, I have switched servers, but I am having issues with Perlscript in the MT configuration. So the 2 people in Africa who read this list won''t have access to the archives for a few days. as for now, I am off to get a plumber to come and fix the leak that has caused the ceiling in my downstairs bathroom to fall in the floor. bye bye tax check, o wait crap I aint gettin one of those either.


So I was reading Kim''s Log and saw the funniest thing that I have seen in a while. PB&J just watch to see wtf. :) Also make sure you have your sound turned on...

Outlook 2002 Domino R5 Connector

Download details: Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector If there is one thing that could make me do the happy dance, this is it - and the homies go boom-boom-boom.