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and his talking car too

So as all information hit me slowly, or at least from CNN. Here is a tidbit that I had no idea. David Hasselhoff has stated that they have begun work on a Knight Rider movie no details have yet developed, but it is comg from revolution studios, they people who made XXX with Vin Diesel.

Did you ever notice that when Kinght Rider was on TV everyone wanted a talking car, but after select models of the Dodge Aries featured the "door is ajar" warnings people beat in their dash with a hammer?

I for one like the show, it has good cheese factor, and some spy mystery stuff to it. Columbo, murder she wrote, kinda all the same in my book.

Changing Terminal Services Port

From Lockergnome Randy Nieland:

Change Terminal Services Port

I''ve been helping a friend out with a nasty Windows 2000 Active Directory flame out, and it has become a bit of a pain to have to restrict when we can be in the office. There are four servers involved, all Windows 2000. As you may know, the default TCP port that Microsoft''s Terminal Services functionality listens on is 3389. So how does one gain access to multiple servers through a firewall using Terminal Services? Actually, there are two equally good solutions for this situation, but I''ll get to that in just a bit. We''ll deal with the actual configuration of the server first.

One server can remain on port 3389, of course, but if you desire, you can change them all to something that will not make an easy probe point for hackers. That''s up to you. In the registry editor, navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Control Terminal Server Win…

I want a MIG

So I am here on a Saturday and one of my co-workers points me to a really cool site. allows you to buy the stuff the gub-ment dont want no more.

F15 fighter jet, Firetrucks, and yes a garbage disposal.

and now to get out of here and go home for my days off...

AD done up right

While doing a spot of research on Active Directory replication, this MCP Mag article appeared in the results of a search, and looked rather interesting. After actually reading through it, I was sure that others would find the information within to be of great value, considering that Active Directory design and replication are confusing and quite often overlooked. If it seems to work, then it''s left alone. This shows a rather fearful approach to networking instead of a true understanding of what''s involved and steps that can be taken to optimize the environment.
MyCPU is a small and simple utility that displays the type of CPU installed on your system. It shows vendor, type, model, stepping, and speed information and in addition, it scans for features like MMX, 3dnow and SIMD (ISSE). Not only that, it is able to read cache information such as the size of the L1-data and more.

First Saturday

Well, today I worked my first Saturday second shift. Kim and I got up at crack of dawn, around 9:30am and went to breakfast. I was really tired from working the night before, but I really miss being with her in the evenings. It was good to have at least half a normal Saturday. Well at least tomorrow is Sunday and we can spend all day together. Yea!

As for work, it was really slow, I mean like two of the four of us could be there and handle anything that happened, but I guess having us all there allowed us to wander around the building and one of us to go get lunch/dinner. Ray went to Rally''s and got our food, but upon returning we found that every order was screwed up. So he returned to find a line of about 6 people with their orders messed up. So when it came his turn, they just gave hime all his money back plus a dollar and explained that they were having problems and could not make the food, so he went to McDonalds. Kinda weird.

Note from the night: If you are searching for…


James Bond grows up?

OK, here is the latest. MGM is dropping Smirnoff as the James Bond vodka for Finlandia. The reason? Well Finlandia is for a more sophisticated adult taste, and Smirnoff is a cheap drunk for college kids? O, and Finlandia gave MGM a 7 figure kickback to get their vodka displayed. I wonder which is the real reason?

So on the job front, so far so good. Everyone that I work with are really cool and have welcomed me warmly. Having to work on Novell, and NT is kinda a pain but neither is a good solution for multiple purposes. I guess.

At the corporate giant that I am at, everything seems to be on a common focus which is a good thought. Without purpose it is kind of pointless. Unnlike Enron which you can bid on the 5 ft tall stainless steel E that was outside of the corp office check out more on dovebid.comHappy b-day :)

iBook - yeah! Segway - No.

Well, I got the iBook, kinda. The guy I got one from on eBay sent my check back and said that his iBook was not functioning, and he would feel bad sending it to me. Who knows the real story, but needless to say the eBay route did not work.

So I said screw it, paid full retail at CompUSA and got a 700Mhz iBook with 384MB ram and combo CDR-DVD drive. It rocks. I also got the wireless network working. I went and picked up the Dlink DI-614+ wireless gateway. I had to get a open box since all the Best buys here in town were sold out except for the open box one. THe best part is that I got $10 off that, and it came with a $20 rebate, which means that I got the whole thing for $100 :)

Note to self, the password hash scheme for 802.11b WEP 128bit for the mac is not the same for all of the other wireless gateways made for the PC, the best thing is to pick up the WEP encoder widget (freeware) and copy the code on the gateway then on the mac. Works perfect.

Encrypted 128bit wireless. Now not only…

Maxtor Sucks

OK, another 80 gig drive down the toliet. What is with these things, It has only been 4 months, and my drive starts wigging out. This time around, I only lost things that were already on CD, so not too big a deal. Just a big pain in the neck.

Don''t buy Maxtor. The company is great, they ship me new drives overnight, just the hassle of having to replace them sucks.


New and not really improved

New template installed, thanks goes to BrainJar for the cool menu. I am still deciding what color to use, so b&w for now.

I also moved to the 2.21 of MT, with MySQL as the backend, you might notice the new multi calendar, that is via a plugin that is quite handy from

Hope you like it.

Ten years later...

OK, I am done remembering 9-11-2001. It looks like for our "Celebration" we are going to bomb the crap out of Iraq. Haven''t we already done that?

I got this cool pic from they rock.

Paintball good...

So today we went and shot paintballs at each other. It was very fun, but very hot. I think I might have suffered more from the weather than being hit by the projectiles. I would like to go back there again, it kicked ass, except for the little kiddies who were using fully automatic weapons and have millions of rounds, at one point it was 30+ against the 3 of them, they won :(

Well, now it is time to go to another friends house and play some cards, and such....

Windows Remote Connection

OK, Microsoft has a new RDC client, I highly reccommend installing it since it impoves the speed at which things come accross the wire. I can no longer tell if I am on my PC or the remote. Truly cool. GET IT NOW!

However you must note to run it, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click Communications, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.

It comes preinstalled with XP, but why would you run that?


You need FSRaid Toolkit, really you do.

iBook Happy

Yeah I won.

What did you win?

Yeah I won.

Won what?

Yeah I won.

Stop that.

OK. Apple iBook 500Mhz of G3 goodness. Now let''s see how quickly I get it...


Web Visio

I have used Visio to create millions (hundreds that feel like millions) of network diagrams, org charts and floor plans. Well no more, at least for the floor plans. check out this badass

Also I think that I am going to attempt to skin my site :)

eBay sucking my will to live

Well, it’s that time again. eBay time. Kim and I have decided to purchase a Macintosh laptop. Now that may seem easy, but you have so much to choose from (ibook/Colors, ibook/Snow) 12.1 inch screens) to ibook/snow/14.1. Then I go in the bad habit of looking at the PowerBooks, and then the fun began. So I recommend to everyone is to go to the vendor site and check the retail price prior to checking the eBay one. The iBooks are cute, the old ones are 333-400Mhz the new ones are 500-700Mhz. 500 seems like a good point so it doesn''t get too old too fast, but they are selling buy it now for $1300, a NEW one retail goes for $1100 and it is 600Mhz. Bastards. So then come the PowerBooks, 15.2 screens, titanium retail $2400, eBay $1000? What the hell is this?

But after some closer looking the ibook snow 500 12.1 are going for <$900. so that isn''t too bad, but I am still looking for that $1000 powerbook.

On a different note, once we get that bad boy, I will be putting wirele…