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Dave''s Schedule

Dave''s Schedule Ok, here this is till I find a good home for it...

Bad ass utility OK, my friend Mark referred me to a duplicate file tool offered by zdnet (I think) well they have since erased that from their history. When looking for something completely different I found these DOWNLOAD THESE NOW! you get a registry cleaner, dupe finder, scripts and it is free. The guy even did a comparison of retail packages for reg cleaning and his was not the best but ranked higher than most commercial stuff quite funny really.

Windows Tab Completion

OK, I have done this on all my machines in the past, but now working here, with a new system I had to reinstall is on this laptop, so I am writing it down so in the future I don''t forget... set [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftCommand Processor] "CompletionChar"=dword:00000009 and you should be good to go...

Yard Sale

Were having a yardsale tomorrow if anyone want to come, I''ll be up and awake around 9ish before going to work at 3... Old computer crap will be sold as well...

Good Spam?

So many years ago I worked with a company called Netscape. Small company based in San Jose, some people might have heard of them. Well I was getting less than satisfactory answers for a product that they had sold us and it was full of software errors, also know as bugs. Well I could not get them, or at least our account manager, who changed every 2 weeks, to fix them. SO, I started an email campaign from a cool website page that they had removed from their links, but I still had it book marked. Copied the 1500 email address''s including the CTO Mark Andreesen and CEO Jim Barksdale. After about an hour I had people calling and apologizing for the bad service I had recieved, they could not help me, but felt my pain. But then I did get a call from the development team, they worked with me, very happy they were, and resolved the java errors that I had found so that the dialup kit that my ISP and BellSouth, Eathlink and others still use today. I got a t-shirt :) Here is a simular st

Are you bored.



swf2avi converts Flash to BMP, JPG sequences, or AVI video.

Interesting Site Trivia Have you ever considered the vast expanse that is I''ll admit that I have, and I can''t say I envy the administrators of a site that contains some 2.5 million pages! That''s just one of the statistics providing a little perspective on what goes into maintaining such a site. Traffic 20 million page views per day 5.5 million users per day 68 million users a month Content 80 GB of content 2.5 million files total 1.1 million HTML and ASP files 855,000 GIF or JPG image files About 100 GB of files available for download Content updated continuously around the clock Hardware Four dedicated gigE uplinks provide a total of 4000 MB uplink capacity Multiple OC48s provide connectivity to the Internet Runs on Compaq Proliant ML570 and Dell Power Edge 6450 servers with four PIII-Xeon/700 Mhz processors, 1 GB Memory, 120 GB Content Capacity, and 34 GB Log Capacity each Software Windows .NET Microsoft Internet Informa

anti-aliasing:) yummy

If you don''t already know about the Internet Traffic Report ( I am sure that you have already seen this, but) a new guy, Mark Thompson is now in charge or it since Opnix no longer has time to deal with it. He says that he has re written the backend and if you look closely you will see the slight but good changes to the front end (see title) thought you would like to know...

umm big

So I work for a huge, massive giant of a company that causes me to have to stand in the special line, grumble. So I call the "normal" Dell support from the phone number on the website and while on hold for about a minute I talk to a very nice "Dell Dude" and he looks up the ticket that I am calling about and then tells me that he is not allowed to help me as I am a gold customer and he is not worthy of helping me with my simple issue of getting some parts, and I must talk to the gold team. Aparrently we have our own group at Dell that takes care of us :) Anyway, I have now been on hold for more than ten minutes, I am not feeling so gold now. :(

Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff right? Well this site is from someone who is really bored, maybe even has a job where they get paid to do nothing. Why do you ask? Well this site is PACKED with cool freeware that works great, a ISO burner, a CDROM burner from the shell, password generators. Really cool.

To hell and back

SO my laptop is running at sub warp, as I am complaing about it, I stop and look at what I am doing. I have a drive mapped to Cincy while purging deleted files from a digital film server, another drive mapped to Puerto Rico and moving 800MB of Veritas log files, and a mapping to Greenbay while doing an index search for a config file to a Novell Server. OK, I won''t complain anymore, or at least about that...

Freeware is cool

OK, Havent tried this yet, but it is a replacement for diskdata. Plus it is free... Treesize also has a purchase version but why buy...