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Kiwi Tools


If you are monkeying around with Cisco routers and switches, you need these tools. The Kiwi tools are very nice, and free.

Last minute shopping

If you have not yet won the powerball (I won $3 this Saturday) and are still looking for some last minute gifts, check out the
Police Auctions - Repossessed and Confiscated Items for Auction site. This is a group of police depts that have joined together to have an ebay lookalike. Pretty cool stuff.

Xmas redux

I get this email every year, I still think it is funny. So I am posting it here for generations to come, or at least you can cut and paste it before emailing it to me.


Well I guess that it is a good thing that I ordered my new DSL yesterday, as today I get the following email... (I guess this time I was ahead of the curve)

Online Codez

Online Coupons, Coupon Codes, Free Coupons, and Discount Shopping - CouponMountain

This is a cool site, they have all the online codes for disconts at most online stores, really cool.


download page at myWebAttack

iTimeSync is a simple tool that synchronizes your computer clock with an Internet timeserver. You can set up to five different time server IP addresses, and the program will automatically use the next if one is not responding. The program can start and sync automatically without even showing its interface. iTimeSync also supports a positive or negative time offset, which can be set if you like your clock to be fast or slow.

Eating the dust bunnies...

Happy Holidayz


Free Flight

FlightGear Flight Simulator

I like flight sims, even better when they are free, and this is the best one that I have ever seen. If you like 3d, and flying. Here is a cool sim that comes with source code...

I''m electric - woogie

So I got my insulin pump yesterday, and have survived the first night with the settings still "a little off" but over the next two weeks they will get that all settled, or so they tell me. The pump that I have is the Medtronic Paradign, it is blue :) and even has a remote control because I might need to go to prom...

The interesting and funny thing is the company that make the device also makes other robotic health products, so incase you are spastic or suffer from unexplained fainting, they have a strap-on device to help.

At least now I don''t have to take shots all the freaking time, it is cool...