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Here''s one if you can''t afford Oracle

SAP DB Documentation

This is one of the be enterprise systems out there, or at least they say so. Can scale to replace an existing Oracle database system.

MySql? Whats That?

Firebird - Relational Database for the New Millennium

If you have not seen this you need to. This is the open source version of Interbase from borland. Has all the big time stuff you''d expect to pay $$$ for but totally free. Even supports .NET extensions.

Funny RFC''s

Saw this list of funny RFC''s thought you might have seen them already but they are still humorous...

Turn off Windows Update

So if you want to be evil and disable the ability for windows to run windows update here are the codes:



Just set both of those to true in your registry and you will turn that sucker off, or if someone activated this on your PC this is how to reverse it...


Rockstar Classics

OK the guys at Rockstar have gone nutz, they are now GIVING AWAY GRAND THEFT AUTO FOR FREE.

Granted it is the first version, and the overhead view got a little annoying after awhile, but it still kicks ass and it is FREE.

End of World approaching fast

The Final Ethernet

Ok, so they said that it could not be done, or it should not be done. But here it is some researchers near stockholm have built a C64 based web server, on 100mb ethernet that serves streaming audio. Now it a good time to head to your nearest bunker.


This just got mailed to me, it was a word doc, and I thought that this might be a little more appropriate to put it here.

I really like this list as I am one know for creating my own vocabulary.

Pictures we got Pictures

So, here in sometimes sunny Florida we have taken some numerous pictures. I have uploaded to the gallery the bulk of the lot. There are still a few that are on the camera, most noteably the cool pictures of my sandcastle that I built today, it was one big heap of sand. I will get them up in the next couple of days. This has been quite a relaxing time here on the beach, we look to do it again as it was VERY inexpensive compared to our other getaways.