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MS Access Export Utility

This is a utility for programmers who want to migrate a Microsoft Access database into MySQL. MdbToMySQL reads an MDB file and dumps out a text file (preferably with the extension *.sql) containing MySQL strings for building and filling the database. To use it, doubleclick "MdbToMySQL.exe," locate the MDB database file, select the tables to export (check-mark them or click on [All]), choose "What to export," make some "Options" (default setting should do fine), click "Export MySQL file," and choose the destination file. Now activate your Import Tool on the server (like phpmyadmin) and import that just-created file. (If there is no special import function, look for Sql Execute or similar.) Note: No compatibility information was listed, but this application was successfully installed on Windows XP.

High Speed Access Hotels

Going on vacation this year? Here are some tools to find high speed access in the nearest town. I like the PluggedInns the best but GeekTels is also nice...


CSS Inline Buttons

Free Morph


Fast, advanced morpher program. The program can morph one picture to another or make funny effects with one picture. It allows the user to resize and crop the pictures to achieve the best results when morphing. The resulting animation can be computed and displayed real-time or it can be saved to disk.

Free Project Management

Introducing MasterList-XL

This is pretty cool, i might start using this instead of project, it seems to have fewer buttons :)

Free CD burner

CDBurnerXP Pro

This is a pretty cool FREE cdrom burner.

Also, I have turned off the music on this page, so if your were annoyed it has now ceased.

MSN tests portable toilet

No Joke

Ok, I am always in need of a good laugh, and this is a good one for today, other than the Dell rep telling me that no one needs to use a Xeon processor. That one was funny too.


So, yesterday (Sunday) sucked. At about noon Kim and I had just finished breakfast, and were getting ready to head over and check out the new Xmen 2 movie. Then I started to feel a little unstable, thinking that I was having a low blood sugar I went upstairs to run a blood test. Everything was fine.

As I started downstairs the whole world started spinning and it would not stop. I scooted down the stairs, almost falling, and laid on the couch. Having been to the Dr about two weeks ago, I thought that my equilibrium might be goofed and put in some ear drops to see if that would stop the dizziness. nope.

So after Kim struggled to put socks and shoes on me we headed to the ER room at Baptist East. At this point I was very nauseas and was ready to pass out. We got to the ER and it was packed, I mean like the black plague/SARS had attacked St Matthews. Kim sat me in the back of the room, almost comatose while she parked the car, she checked me in and what seemed like hours I asked her to tel…