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For Ken

Well I finally posted my last bits from Liverpool. I am now back here in the States. I am slated for a trip to Toronto, then to Austin, TX, off to Dublin Ireland, a stop back by Liverpool. Maybe down near Chitchester (outside of London) then back here to the States. Kim might also be meeting me on the next UK trip for a quick vacation in Jolly ol England as well. Cheers.

Day Four

Much more laid back day. This would be my last full day in Liverpool. I had a couple of meetings, and things all went well. The local admin asst took us to some Beatles shops, just outside of the bars that they had started in. I got some magnets, and clay pins. I am looking to convert the pins to magnets, as I think they would be better that was, almost $30 US for the lot, but the cashier threw in a extra set just cause the owner was ignoring us and raised the price because we were American. We had lunch at this great little Italian restaurant near there. I had a calzone (which I found out is pronounced kal-zone-eh) I found this out when I said kal-zone and the waiter starred at me like I was a foreigner or something (o wait I am). For the evening trip out, we had not made any real plans, except I was on a mission to get weird candy and Mars bars. Andy volunteered to take us sightseeing, and we went on a whirlwind tour of the town. If you see the pics you will notice most of them were

Day Three

Mega meeting day. We had IBM, EMC, Microsoft in house. For the ongoing discussions. It ran from early in the morning to about 2:30pm. Long day, Had lunch brought in. I have noticed that they have some very weird sandwiches here. I had a cranberry and turkey with onion and lettuce, as well as a bacon, egg, manionaise wrap. The turkey cranberry was really good, the wrap felt like it need to be heated up, not used to bacon egg salad. This night Simpo was taking us out, warnings from the other employees promised lap dances and stopping at several pubs for a good washing with beer. Not the case however. We stopped by his office, and I broke down and got a half pint of beer, don’t remember the name but it was a very “light tasting” beer with about 8% alcohol. We then caught a cab and went across town to a restaurant called 60. Very sheik and nice. I had jumbo sautéed prawns and Simpo and I shared the chatobriand (sp?) Very good potatoes and steak. We had a waitor that probally weighed 10 lbs

Almost there Day 2

The plane is a 767-400, big azz plane. We left Newark at 8:03 pm. They passed out newspapaers from the US and the UK, for free, weird. There is a video monitor in the back of each headrest, and you can pick the movie that you want to watch. They also give you a free set of headphones. I saw "Chicago" it was ok, kinda mixed a musical with a movie. It also had video games, but I did not play any cause they looked pretty bad, plus I had my gameboy and played Mario quite a bit. The seat was not the most comfortable in the world, but it was better than the first plane I took seats. They were leather and these were cloth, less butt moisture I guess. The food was broiled chicken strips and veggies in a mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes. Yum. I also took two Benedril and passed out with the provided blindfold and ear plugs, awaken 2 hours later by the breakfast cart, which served hot cresents and jam, plus a side of pineapple. I then watched CSI:Miami on the seat TV gadget, pretty

Off to Liverpool, UK

Well I left today, June 7th 2003. Gone for a whole week without Kim, I miss her already. After getting my bags scanned, and having the normal patdown I did not get too harrassed about my insulin componets, I guess having it attached now makes it seem more critical than just me taking shots. Funny. The security is still really tight, and I commend the security people for making the process so efficient. It is no like the governemnt to be so quick and through. That is why I still doubt aliens from outer space, there is no way the gubment could hide such a thing. Anyway, In the Louisville terminal I met a guy named Bill, actually he met me. I guess he was kind of nervous about flying to a foriegn country. He chatted with me about how it has been his lifelong goal to goto France. Bill is about 6'' 9" and kinda chubby, not the kind of French liking person you would think. When I asked if he knew french, and wow, he has a masters degree in the languange and went to a speciality

Cool Shopping

Supermarket Guru This is a cool sit that I found today, check it out. Really cool...