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Free Giveaway

Free SH*T

So Kim and I are planning on moving soon, so with tradition we are planning to unload some crap before the big move.

Being of the tech minded I have created this site to list what we have and the status of if it is still here. If you want anything just let us know and we can arrange a pickup time.

Also on the big move day the remnamts will be headed for the local junkyard, so if you take it we will be saving the planet and recycling. or at least until you move and unload it on someone else...

More Free Stuff from AnalogX


AnalogX FastCache is a caching DNS server that runs on your local machine and handles any DNS request that your computer makes, from Internet Explorer to your favorite FTP client.

HP Visio Cafe

Microsoft Humor

So you have already heard of this, but making it in a date timescale makes me laugh...

September 24, 2003: By : Platforms

September 26, 2003

Hopefully it will make you laugh too...

How lo'' can ya'' go?


So with Sun slapping the face of Microsoft, I ran upon this little ditty. Pretty funny I hope that you enjoy...

iSCSI for Windows

Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Version 1.01

An updated version of the iSCSI software initiator has been released for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Companies utilizing or experimenting with iSCSI storage are looking toward the low cost and flexibility of using existing network infrastructure to transfer block data over long distances. It''s a very interesting technology that you should at least be familiar with in case the subject ever comes up in a meeting. In the interest of completeness, you''ll want to check out the Microsoft iSNS Server RC2 as well.

Alone in your basement


Bill Gates look out, okay I don''t know who this guy is, or where he got the source code. BUt here it is a full OS, with OpenGL GUI.

Not Linux, not BSD, not Windows. But is Free. You have to check this out...

Free Fonts

Fontosaurus - Type Design and Creative Services

You can search for fonts by style - such as art deco, grunge, serif, and sans serif - or by name.

uhh huh?

Auto Email filtering

Jason and I were talking about auto-sorting email based on what it was about. Fortuneately (sp?) there are some pretty smart people out there already doing it...

Savannah: Project Info - The ifile e-mail filtering system

Automatic Document Classification With Perl

Windows Update V5

Executing arbitrary commands without Active Scripting or ActiveX

Check this out...

This is very old school (March 2002) but is pretty cool. It might or not work on your browser, but it freaks out my virus software...