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Merry Christmas

I saw this cool new editor, considering to start using it over what I use now. Are you using Bluefish Editor?

Also found this new email client SYLPHEED -CLAWS, it looks cool, but I still really like Thunderbird right now.

These are my few bits for a good Xmas, may you have a good one as well...

Christmas in Maysland

If you have not already checked out the
Traded Spaces weblog, you should. Plus it is free.

Well, Kim and I had our Christmas today, and I got some really good stuff, Final Fantasy X-2 was on the top of the list, as well as a hooded flannel shirt <>, a couple of pair of my favorite house shoes, and the Indiana Jones box set. Awesome, this year I am making out like a bandit.

New Blog Active

Traded Spaces

New Blog is active, this is the homesite for all the crap that we are doing to the "house". Fun for all...

Where''s Waldo?

The Opte Project

This is the mapping of the internet. Yes. They are mapping the entire internet. Wow.

Free System Tuner

Xteq X-Setup

If you use windows you need this, and it is free too!

Love - Hate?


Do you hate IE? But love some of the features, like it is used everywhere? Well this is for you. IE that has been massively cusomized. Check it out...

PowerPoint Makes You Dumb

This article raises the question about PowerPoint and the use of it in corporate America. Not to mention they blame the shuttle crash...almost.

Where do you want to go today?

Internet Explorer Vulnerability

This is quite cool, Microsoft is debating if they are going to fix it. To them this is a low level item...

Get Flashed for FREE

Kewl FTP Client


OK, so today I downloaded LeechFTP to download a lot of files (+24,000) over 7GB of data, that is when I found out the Leech does not work on WinXP. Not to mention that the author no longer supports it since he went on to a bigger project of file system management program that never got developed. Well here it is 9 hours later, and looking for all kinds of stuff from commercial demos, to freeware scripts. I could not find anything that would do multi-threaded direcotry sync.

And for some dumb reason I went to sourceforge to see what was new and right before my eyes was this beauty. It is multi-threaded, and learns how many to spawn based on bandwidth and it the server is giving rejects. Pretty smart.

I highly recommend using this is you are today using LeechFTP and are moving to WindowsXP...


This is a very cool PHP program. I will be adding it to my site soon...

Revenge Of The Overworked Nerds

Get rich now!

If you are not creative, you should seek a lawyer immediately, or as soon as you get off work.

Yea! Back Online

eMays is back online. After a short stint, the site is backup. We moved and got new internet service installed. The worst partwas not having a phone for so long. BUt we are back, and the cable modem kicks ass. I get upwards of 3.5Mb compared to the 1.2 of DSL. That just rocks. I am still limited to 256Kb up, cause I don''t want to pay another $40 for 384.

O well, we hope to get things in order and have the house warming soon. Good time for egg nog.