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Hmm, spring time...

Got this flyer from Sams for spring time values, thought that I would share: Dogeroo Hot Dog Rotisserie Nacho Cheese Warmer - 4 qt. Compact Shav-A-Doo Sno-Kone Machine Quick Silver Horse

Nuff Said...


Red Hat Advanced for Free?

A friend of mine sent this to me today, White Box Enterprise Linux is RHEL AS3 but free pertaining to the EULA. Wonder is it runs Oracle okay?

Fixed this bia-tch

OKAY, for those of you who view this site with Mozilla, I must say that I am sorry. Aparently the type of CSS codes that IE take vs. the rest of the world is weird. So while I was sitting here during my lunch hour I took it to fix. What I had to do was seperate the modes of repeat and position to seperate objects and now all is good: Bad: BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url("dateFade.gif") no-repeat top left; Good: BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url("dateFade.gif") ; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: no-repeat; BACKGROUND-POSITION: top left;



Bored ][

So I am not bored, in fact I am overly busy and can''t take a breath. So I am collecting tidbits for me to waste time later. Still no fixing CSS yet either. Pinguin

Crap and Crap

Well, I just upgraded my server, and the thing that I forgot? the style sheet for my blog :( So you will have to live with this crap ass plain stuff till I get it reloaded...


Are you really, really bored? Do you not have heavy construction to do toyour house? or no kids/dog/cat? Then you need Game Maker this is kick ass, make your own games and sell them for profit. phase 1. make game phase 2. uh uh uh uh uh phase 3. profit