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Well, I got the new blog installed, moved all of my old entries and all seems well. Except the new SATA drive on my PC is dying. I am getting SMART errors, and they are now in the midst of shipping me a new one to swap out. On the happier note, the new system is WordPress It kicks some ass, the editor is really, really, nice (and it takes smileys :)) It keeps track of links in the link manager, has easy to use plugins, and will connect to my photo system (as soon as I get it setup) I haven''y moved Kim''s or the Traded space site, that will be on the list for next weekend. As for now I am going to install some more electical plus for the living room.

Starting of the Bonfire on Saturday

Big Badda Boom This really speaks for itself.

Server Rebuild

Sucking the ass. Yeah, that best describes it. So since lightning hit the house and killed my good server. (1U, 2 GB RAM, Mirrored U320 18GB SCSI, P4 2Ghz ) eMays is now an old piece of crap I dug out of the closet. (Dual 300Mhz P2, 256MB RAM, One of the SCSI disks that didn''t get fried) But it seems to all be back working now, my next goal is to move the data from the 1/2 fried disk onto an old 9GB disk that I have in the old crap server. I am almost tired of screwing around with hardware, and looked into getting a virtual server, but for $20 a month you don''t get much and for $40 I could just buy a new server to replace the one that blew up. Computers suck.

Pretty cool perf tester for disk drives...

HD Tach

This still amuses me...

Guess The Dictator/Sit-Com Character Guess The TV Show or Movie Name Guess the Star Wars Character