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Well my friend you need the The amazing Linux Duracell CPU load monitor


Well, I installed a new kernel this morning, and apparently the webserver did not like the reboot. Got it restarted, after I found that the internal IP was not bound to the adapter. Grumble.

However, I did find this cool network graphing tool that kicks some ass

If you like or dislike it leave some feedback.

Could not pass up posting this...

Someone unmentioned just sent me this link, very funny if you are planning your first strip club outting

Wireless Woes and more

So today was a 50-50 day 50% cool and 50% suck of the ass. I have tallied these into two catagories:

Suck of the ass:
-Free Lunch at TGI Fridays
-The waitresses were not real waitresses and not very good at timing, we found out they were out of work computer nerds (not geeks but real don''t want to hang around them nerds)
-Long time Friend/Co-worker get let go from work while we all are at lunch
-Kim has pains in abdomen and we get terrified of what would happen.
-Stupid drivers are out at 3pm, and nearly kill us onthe way to the doc office

-Free Lunch
-12 people in the Lunch party we had appetizers and food, lots of refills in under 45 minutes.
- Kim''s abdomen pains are where the cerclage is causein pressure, and all checked out well.
- Buy new wireless router because the old one is about as powerfull as my big toe at providing radio signals.
- Saw the new Harry Potter flick, awesome.
- Had chocloate candy kisses after movie

Now for my wireless bitching. Apparently, and so…

Party Pics

Check out this party pic Then for added fun click on it to see the "additions" there are over 30...

WOW I need this

This is from the coolness files.

What would I do if I was invisible? The possibilites are endlesss, like for instance, I could go naked under my clothes and no one would know. Or I could mow the yard. Cool

Life''''s End

Now this fucking sucks, your 91 years old and you wrote some of the classic horror films and you end up getting beheaded and killed by a serial killer. Really, Really odd.

Sweet Traffic


This is the complaint that I filed with the Las Vegas Better Biz Bureau:

I use the expedia site quite a bit to order plane fare for my business. When my wife and I decided to go to Disneyworld for our vacation this year I had my wife create an account and get us a hotel in Orlando as we were going to drive down.

When she was checking out, it asked if she wanted to add Disney tickets. They were about 10% cheaper than she could find elsewhere so she said yes. There were no terms, just do you want to add. (there are terms but they are buried within the main t&a) The trip was scheduled for May 21st.

My wife became unexpectedly pregnant, it was also discovered during this time that she has an incompetent cervix and has had to have surgery and is on bed rest. So going to Florida is out of the question. We call and try to cancel the trip which they canceled the hotel reservations, but not the $548 for the Disney tickets. They explained that we would still have to get the tickets, as they h…

No So Clie

It seems the Sony has dropped all of its Clie line here in the US. The handheld market is sucking as there really is no need to buy a $500 device when you can buy a full computer for $100. At least that is my thought, and the fact that cell phones never evolved enough to run CE or Palm without being the size of a brick.

Kinda sucks tho, my guess is they are now focusing more on the Indian market since everything else is being "outsourced" to there. You know it makes me feel good when the following things occured in history:

We "outsourced" all of the steel industry to a foriegn country, then we had to support all of the laid off steel workers with tax dollars until they could be retrained to work at McDonalds.

We "outsourced" the clothing manufacturing industry to a foriegn country, then we had to support all of the laid off mill workers with tax dollars until they could be retrained to work at Wendys.

We "outsourced" the auto industry, the electro…