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Top ten reasons G. W. Bush needs to be fired

Okay, I have had a few jobs in my life, and have only been fired once, by some money grubbing bastards. But I cannot make sense of why any individual on the street would re-hire Bush as our president. So I have compiled a list of the ten things to show why he not only doesn''t deserve the re-election, but should be impeached ASAP.

10. The Failed Promise to Leave No Child Behind
(Excerpt from HERE)
Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the administration is leaving millions of children behind with respect to education by failing to fully fund the programs he signed into law in the No Child Left Behind Act ("NCLBA"). The president''s budget contains $9.4 billion less than the levels authorized under NCLBA. The president also eliminates funding for 38 existing education programs and level funds critical programs such as those supporting after-school care and teacher quality initiatives. Despite the funding crisis in our public schools, the president has proposed diver…


So have you ever had your bike stolen? This may explain it.

Long Time Gone

So, Kim commented that I have''nt posted in a while. Well, here is the short rundown of the missing Dave.

- Normal Life a.k.a full time job that keeps me plenty busy for 8 hours a day

- Full time electrician job. As most of you know I am in the midst of re-wiring our new house (circa 1958) with new electrical, that has an earth ground, and in most places no longer uses speaker cable (22 guage lamp cord) for most of the lighting that was installed by the dumb ass that lived here before. Current priority is garage plugs, and starting on the baby room.

- Part time plumber. I have''nt actually done any plumbing in the past few months, mostly as I swore to never do any again. But I still have 2 faucets and a water filter system to install.

- Alarm system installer - okay some dumb ass mutherfucker son of hoar bitch cocksuckers broke into our house while Kim was in the hospital. This increased the need for me to get our alarm system functioning. Yea, we now have a fully opera…