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FN XP Activation

WTF. My computer crashed, why? dunno. Well after two days of best effort, ERD COmmander, Barts PE, and many try this, I get the bastard up and working. Then the WIndows protection kicks in, deletes my fucking system32 directory. I then get it restored, and get all happy back in place, and now it just says that it is having problems checking my activation. HOw can this be? I am using my Corporate edition, which doesn''t require activation, and it is checking it? Microsoft sucks ballz.

Cool Telephony Links


O, my, fucking, GOD! This one takes the motherbitch, cocksucker, enema drinking, shit eating cake.

The "do-it-yourselfer" who owned our house before is is a tard. This is the absolute data.

Make close notice to the burn marks on the wall...