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FN XP Activation

WTF. My computer crashed, why? dunno. Well after two days of best effort, ERD COmmander, Barts PE, and many try this, I get the bastard up and working. Then the WIndows protection kicks in, deletes my fucking system32 directory. I then get it restored, and get all happy back in place, and now it just says that it is having problems checking my activation. HOw can this be? I am using my Corporate edition, which doesn''t require activation, and it is checking it? Microsoft sucks ballz.

Cool Telephony Links


O, my, fucking, GOD! This one takes the motherbitch, cocksucker , enema drinking , shit eating cake. The "do-it-yourselfer" who owned our house before is is a tard. This is the absolute data. Make close notice to the burn marks on the wall...