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Too much work

I love the Mario series, however when it comes to live action (aka real life) these people are way to determined. Mario - Live

New from Blamo - Action Hero Chili

5878 So Chili likes fire, and looking at the video of his latest bonfire, we notice this quite awesome action hero shot of him nearly escaping certain death. I don't think Hollywod could get closer than this cool shot. Also this was done the old fashioned way, no computer rendering here boys and girls.

Greatest of all time cartoons

I dont't agree with the order of this list, however I do think that the ones that are listed are definately on my list as the same order. Best cartoon characters, greatest cartoon characters, best cartoons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Cartman, Bugs Bunny

DNA Test complete

I took this personality test that Kim sent me, here are the results: Generous Thinker

HA HA you can't see me.

Isn't it a great world that we live in? I watched a "documentary" on Discovery on Friday that showed how Captian Kirk changed the world. It seems that people who watched Star Trek got some cool ideas and set on a life adventure to make them come true. Cell Phones, ION pulse engines, transporters, and warp travel are all things that were inspired by some actors making shit up. Awesome. Now on to Harry Potter, magic is much cooler than space travel. Cause it is impossible right? Well not for much longer: Scientists ponder invisibility cloak - Yahoo! News However I must state, "I will not travel by ashes in my fireplace" Even when it is possible, I am going to be the old grumpy guy who refuses to travel in than manner.


So given that I am really lazy, I have found the tool for my blog posting. Then I could step up my postings to more than every 6 months. It is a plugin for firefox, I have all my blog accounts and I can post to them by just selecting the ones to post to, or to all of them. Sweet.

Laura's Lab Kit

A couple of years ago I met Laura at the HP world conference. She is a hacker for the NSA and FBI. She also teaches classes, and has some really good tools available online. If you are into security, check out this website. Updates - Protocol Analysis Institute