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Are you defective?

How broken are you? This simple test will let you know. Also check out their other "tests" they are hilarious.

OKCupid! The Personality Defect Test

Evolution of Dance

This is pretty funny stuff, MC Hammer rulez.

YouTube - Evolution of Dance

Kick the ass of diabetes

Well, they are well on their way. I emailed Dr. Trucco, hopefully I will get a response, and they are curing up some diabetics right now :)

ScienceDaily: HealthWrap: New hope for diabetes cure

Type II - Fat Diabetes is closer to cure.

The Australian's are closer, but they are looking to cure type 2, that is caused by getting fat and lazy. Doh!

Gene find lifts Diabetes cure hopes - Victoria - Breaking News 24/7 -

Yea! except

How about a damn cure to Type 1 diabetes and not more medicines that prolong the drug companies bottom line of insulin sales. Sons o bitches...

Lilly diabetes drug shows promise |
The latest study results suggest that Eli Lilly and Co.รข€™s experimental drug Arxxant could help millions of diabetics worldwide avoid losing their eyesight, or having to undergo laser surgery.

Nacho Libre

I was not a big fan of the Napolean Dynamite movie. In fact I pretty much thought it was lame. However, the same folks that did that now have a new film coming out. Nacho Libre. I went to the website, also skeptical of the content.

And wham, it looks pretty funny, especially with Jack Black at the helm of the cast. I HIGHLY recommend going to and checking out the confessionals, it is hilarious.

Pimp your name


Damn Oil Barrons

Dave Mays Automotive

Are you in the Gainesville, FL area, well having a Dave work on your car is probably a good idea.

Dave Mays Automotive

It's only 120 degrees in the desert. Stop whining.

First the soldiers are complaining about not enough armor, so the military geniuses give them the armor they need. And they won't even wear what they go them. If you have not seen it check it out here.

It has its' own air conditioner, I am sure I could out run some oncoming attackers, not to mention the steath factor.

People in Washington are retarded.

Power Play

This is for the true role player, better than a 100 sided die.

Professional Rock Paper Sissors