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Off to interview

Well, Kim is off to her interview. She is quite nervous, after not working at a company for so long. I think that herding small children is a very difficult job, and should pay more. That said, looking into daycare options, that sucks. Her sister is going to watch the kids if she gets the job, but it makes it very difficult to leave the kids everyday and go to work. I know as that is what I do almost everyday. I miss out on thier misadventures and the trouble that they are getting into. It makes me sad, that at the end of the day after dealing with grown up children, I lack the energy to do all the household chores, and swing and play baseball with the kids. I hope that Kim gets the job, it stresses her out not financially contributing. that doesn't bother me, I love that she is raising our two rugrats. But I want her to be happy and feel accomplishment at the end of the day. Not to mention the current phase of my job, who knows what will happen in the coming year...

Long ago Today

Well, it seems as an eternity since I posted to this thing. Well time to dust off the dirt and get back into it. I had thought of joining the twitter crowd, but that seems not my style. Don't know what my style is, but I might figure that out someday.



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